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EPL Plastics - Recycling the past to mould the future

High performance 
Plastic engineering

Let us be your recycling partner!

Turn your waste streams into reuseable materials and improve your bottom line.

Material sourcing

From virgin materials to repurposed blends we can source materials for every application.

Toll services

Partner with us to reduce losses and improve your carbon footprint.


Remove waste and grinds taking up valuable production space and let us store it for you.

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Why epl?

With a senior staff having an average of 26 years in the plastic repurposing industry, together with you, EPL Plastics can identify changes in your recycled waste management procedures that can save you time, enhance your environmental stewardship and improve your bottom line. We've partnered with plastic product manufacturers in the automotive, packaging, horticultural and profiling industries to repurpose their scrap plastic and produce high quality regrinds or pellets they can reuse in their processes.

Generate new products
From your waste stream

Maximize the value of your scrap with our reprocessing and repurposing programs.
recycling plastic

Why recycled plastics?

Give new life to off-spec products and production waste

Plastic scrap recycling is not only a way of saving money but also an important part of corporate responsibility. Our regrinds and reprocessed plastic resin is sold to plastic goods manufacturers who do injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, compounding, and more. Our regrinds can be used in a number of processes to save money. Some of our customers use our plastic regrind and resin at 100%, some use as an extender. At whatever usage level, recycled plastic results in a major cost savings and also promotes green plastics.

Plastics we buy

From dense purges to thin sheets and parts to regrinds of all plastics, convert most plastic scraps into a reusable form: i.e: densified grinds and pellets. We commonly purchase polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene, ABS, TPE and many more.  

Plastics we sell

We only sell recycled plastics that have gone through our required extensive recycling process. These requirements may include lab analysis, grinding, densifying, shredding, blending and compounding of incoming plastic waste. We inspect and approve every product as fit for purpose and duty by checking consistency and durability.