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EPL Plastics - Recycling the past to mould the future

Products  & Processes

Maximize the value of your scrap with our reprocessing and repurposing programs.
Plastic Densification


Lighter bulk density materials are often more difficult to process and handle, but with our densification processes we can ensure a constant product quality essential to most manufacturing companies. We densify materials such as polystyrene, polyethylene and polypropylene in the form of plastic sheeting films and bottles. As a result of our densification proccess we can supply high quality, high volume, reprocessed resin pellets, ensuring uniformity and consistency.

Pulverized plastic


By pulverizing resins we can reduce the size into a fine recycled powder/granular which can be blended to customer specifications to be used in new plastic products. Pulverized materials are most commonly used in rotational moulding. Partnering with EPL Plastics, the recycling of your production scrap can be further processed with an industrial strength pulverizer. We can ultimately reduce plastic scrap to particle which can be custom compounded for colour and consistency.

Quality Control


All manufacturing companies require a clean, uniform and non-contaminated resin for their moulding and extrusion processes. That's why EPL uses high-tech pelletizing equipment to ensure uniform pellet delivery to keep your systems running smoothly. EPL will blend materials to our customers specifications which may include the addition of virgin materials and additives to repurposed materials all required. All production is inspected by our lab technicians to ensure they meet our customers requirements and are ready to be reused and moulded into a variety of materials from automotive parts, pipes, plastic containers and buckets and much more.

Quality Control

Shredding and grinding

From products to purgings and scrap, our shredders and grinders can quickly and efficiently transform most types of plastic scrap into consistently sized particles, chips or flakes. Our high efficiency grinders can produce in excess of 2,000 lbs/hour.