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EPL Plastics - Recycling the past to mould the future

Industries We service

Maximize the value of your scrap with our reprocessing and repurposing programs.
EPL Plastics Brantford 

Industrial waste solutions

From automotive parts to gardening tools to packaged products, plastics play an important and nearly endless part in our lives. Those that make plastic products are faced with the task of finding ways of disposing of scraps, bad runs, purges and general waste. EPL Plastics has partnered with numerous companies across varying industries to identify cost effective ways of reusing materials and reducing the environmental impacts of plastics.

Automotive – From plastic parts to mouldings to sheeting, EPL Plastics can create custom compounds to hold up to the strictest regulations.

Packaging – We supply plastics for thermal form packaging lines including blister packs

Bottling and Containers – We offer uniform plastics in all melts suitable for non food grade containers and bottles.

Horticultural and Agricultural – From rigid plastic pots and trays to flexible sheeting, our custom blends are suitable for plastic products essential to the agricultural industry.

Profiling and Moulding Industries – We provide materials to support industrial processes such as injection and blow moulding, profilers, sheet extrusion, and rotational moulding.