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Maximize the value of your scrap with our reprocessing and repurposing programs.
Polypropylene Plastic Samples

Toll services

Each time you send plastic scrap to the landfill you are throwing away potentially thousands of dollars. At EPL Plastics, our goals is to not only save you money but to become your recycling partner and help you reduce your carbon footprint.

With our Toll Service plans we do much more than recycle plastic regrinds and scrap. We are a full service grinding, custom blending, granulating and silo service. From our 97,000 square foot processing plant in Brantford, Ontario, we can show you the difference that recycling your plastic waste can make to your bottom line and the environment.

Toll Service makes it easy for you to turn your plastic scrap into a recyclable form and we can make it easy by assisting in the handling of all logistics. We ensure segregation of your sorted plastic scraps and handle any of the inhouse processing required according to your specifications and needs. 

What's the process?

Grinding - The process of tolling invariably begins with the size reduction of raw material. While there are a variety of granulation methods, we typical use a granulator to grind down the plastic into usable regrind form for further processing.

Aspiration – A method used to seperate undesirable components comingled within some recyclable materials.

Densifying - A mothod used for increasing the bulk density of recycleable plastics which are difficult to grind or process using conventional grinders/shredders. 

Blending - By pre/post blending of reprocessable resins and pellets we can enhance the consistency of up to 40,000 lbs per blend using our state of the art blending technologies. This process would result in a uniform resin performance box to box.

Pelletizing - A method used to melt, mix and homogenize recycled resins to achieve our customers individually specialized requirements. Our compounding facility is fully capable of reprocessing your scrap plastics back into reuseable pellets.

Custom compounding - This enables EPL Plastics to assist in identifying the most efficient additive and colour solutions. 

Quality Assurance – Within our inhouse lab we maintain the highest quality metrics and assurance processes at every stage. We constantly strive to maintain a high standard of repeatability, service, technology, and proactive manufacturing.

Pickup and Delivery – At times EPL can save you time and money by arranging to pick up your scraps and regrinds. We will process them and have them delivered back to your facility to be utilized into your finished products. 

plastic regrinds

Sourcing and reprocessing

Let us find the material you need! We deal with plastics manufacturers across multiple industries. As such, we have access to virgin and reprocessed materials to meet most needs.

plastic scrap storage 

Onsite storage and siloage

Scraps, grinds and purges take up valuable manufacturing floor space. When you need your manufacturing floor clear of scrap, EPL Plastics can assist with storage trailers and equipment to handle post industrial scrap and save valuable floor space for first stage products. Need it gone quickly and efficiently? EPL has the capacity to respond quickly in unexpected production and scrap crisis situations. Our onsite warehousing and siloage can assist to keep your floors clear for your production needs.

Quality Control

Logistical savings solutions

If time spent finding solutions to your waste build ups is reducing your production, contact EPL Solutions to assess your waste streams and provide professional advice on how best to handle your materials. We can find areas where you can increase your efficiency and reduce your costs.