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EPL Plastics - Recycling the past to mould the future

About epl plastics

Maximize the value of your scrap with our reprocessing and repurposing programs.
Plastic Samples

Generate new products
From your waste stream

Manufacturers of plastic products are always left with production related scraps and grinds which can reduce space for finished product and at times create an unsafe work environment. As a full service plastic repurposing company we recycle plastic from manufacturing and packaging processes which accumulate and take up your valuable space on industrial floors.

Our facility is equipped to granulate, shred, densify, pulverize, pelletize and extrude reclaimed plastics from a wide variety of waste generators. Specializing in post industrial and manufacturing waste, we recycle most grades of plastic, and purchase raw plastic scrap in any shape or form. Contact EPL Plastics to identify your recyclable waste streams.

Maximize the value of your plastic scrap with our recycling programs, which may include, toll grinding services and logistical assistance. Let EPL manage your recyclable wastes letting you focus on your first grade products.   

plastic regrinds

Going green saves dollars
And makes sense

Going green isn't just responsible, it improves your bottom line. By recycling your plastic waste you can decrease your waste disposal costs, reduce profit loss and make a positive impact on the environment. Why spend money transporting recyclable plastic wastes to landfills and incurring the ever increasing costs of disposal when EPL Plastics can repurpose your waste and turn it into a useable product fit for your purpose and duty.

Our goal is to partner with plastic manufacturers to be their green solution. As new legislation is rolled out, recycled content within your products may be mandated. Partnering with EPL Plastics will allow you to have the edge over your competition through these proactive programs. 

It's everyone's responsibility to reduce the amount of non-degradable waste in landfills. 

Quality Control

Quality assurance

With a focus on quality, all incoming and outgoing materials are carefully inspected. Our onsite laboratory offers sample and performance testing and analysis to ensure the EPL recycled plastic you use in your products is fit for purpose and duty. Further, we can provide a certificate of analysis as required. 

Quality Control

Our facility

Our 23 onsite storage silos, located on our five acre service site, can hold an excess of 3.7 million lbs. Complemented by a 97,000 square feet processing facility, with eight available docks, we can handle your recycling needs.